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Nerdgasm Noire
Nerdgasm Noire Network Podcast

Listen to 5 women rep their nerd from books to anime to tv.  Bringing the funny & love of puns, we debate on the culture of nerd-dom and give our opinion with no chaser. Nerd No Limit!

Operation Cubicle
Operation Cubicle Podcast

If you have geeky tendencies that you can't fully express at work, this podcast is for you! Agent Jackson and JP Fairfield rant about job experiences and celebrate their geeky selves.

Character Select
Character Select Video Game Panel

The BSG (Baby shirt Gangstas) bring the latest on gaming events, news and lifestyle. The show consist of Ublincd, 8-bit Animal, JP Fairfield, Agent Jackson, Kahjah and Neal Carter.

Cinemosity Podcast

Sharon, Kamille and Martin bring you a potent blend of celebrity gossip and rumor and reviews of b-movies, bad movies, and genre film. Your weekly dose of Starlets, Slashers and Cyborgs!