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About Nerdgasm

Nerdgasm Noire Network is a bi-weekly podcast featuring 5 nerdy women with strong opinions.

We discuss everything from the latest tv shows, books and whether the Apple Vs Android fight will end in tasty cronuts.

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The Ladies of Nerdgasm Noire Network hitting you with the nerdtastic awesome sauce.  Find us on twitter at @NerdgasmNoire or our personal accounts.

DeAnaDe Ana (@NaniCoolJ)
If you look up the words awkward & nerdy in the dictionary what will you find? The definition of awkward & nerdy. Which I am.


MelissaMelissa (@blackgirlgeeky)
I squee like a grown woman. You can find me at the laptop.


JP FairfieldJP Fairfield (@isitis)
Just a nerdy girl who loves tinkering with computers, watching anime and being all around snarky.


Jamie Nesbitt GoldenJamie (@thewayoftheid)
Recovering journalist. Writer. Parent. Nerd.


Kia (@thelaststorm)
The voice in ur head; the whispers in the dark; that flash on the horizon of thought drop'n the thunder to spark conversation. I'm TheLastStorm; nice to meet u


Roxie Moxie (@_Roxie_)
Pop culture nerd with all the good information on Twilight, Hunger Games and anything else you might want to squee about this week.



Nerds With Attitude writing up the geeky and cool factoids of your LYFE!!!

8-Bit Animal8-Bit Animal
Retro video game enthusiast who is also bigger than you, one of the Character Select regulars with an appetite for cartridges.

Angry Harlot
Geeky gamer extraordinaire


Emotional Exhibitionism
Host of Sex With Black People podcast

Kahlief Adams
Maker of giggles, lover of all things silicon (and yes that includes what you think it includes). Kahlief is a gamer and one of the regulars on Character Select.

Co-host of the podcasts, Super Jawncast and Cinemosity.

Roxie Moxie
Pop culture nerd with all the good information on Twilight, Hunger Games and anything else you might want to squee about this week.

Shareef JacksonShareef Jackson
I’ve been obsessed with technology ever since I was a child, disassembling remote controls and driving my parents crazy. The craziness has remained – geek out with me at!

A gaming geek who loves to talk ish about bad movies. Host of Character Select + Grim and Bear shows.

Sketchy Dezzi
Animation and animated movie nerd, D&D player and probably the biggest geek you’ll ever meet in your life who’s dabble in everything from anime to role playing.

Ashlee spends her professional hours and exorcises her neurosis searching for the meaning of life in all things sci-fi/horror film and television.

Lorraine is a writer, historian and professional smart ass based out of Texas. Her varied interests have given rise to the blogs Feminine Smark and WTF White Privilege.

I travel, I eat, I tweet, and I photograph random things w/my iPhone – I’m just your average Danielle w/a sprinkle of awesome. :-)