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NNN Episode 242 - #AllSpidermansMatter

[Download MP3]

Topics: We discuss the new Ironman (aka Riri Williams) in the comics and our conflicting emotions surrounding Brian Michael Bendis writing another minority character.  There is a great commentary on The Blerd Gurl about Marvel and diversity in comics.  We go into TV Squees about Preacher on AMC.

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 241 - Game of Thrones Finale

[Download MP3]

Topics: We discuss the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 240 - Olivia Cole Interview

[Download MP3]

Topics: We interview Olivia Cole who is the author of The Tasha Triology book series.  You can find Olivia Cole at her website and on Twitter (@RantingOwl) .  Currently, there are two books in the series, "Panther in the Hive (The Tasha Trilogy Book 1) " and "The Rooster's Garden (The Tasha Trilogy Book 2)".  You can purchase the books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


NNN Episode 239 - Pacific Rim 2

[Download MP3]

Topics: All about the squee-ful news of Pacific Rim 2 plus the news that John Boyega will take the lead role!


NNN Episode 238 - Drink Psychic 

[Download MP3]

Topics: In feedback, we mention two articles involving Amélie Lamont.  The first article is written by Amélie Lamont on her experiences of sexism & racism in the tech industry and the second article is an interview with Amélie Lamont discussing her story, toxic work environments and ways to build a support system in tech.   This week we did a crossover episode with Chris & Na'Amen from The Adventures of Yellow Peril and Magical Negro podcast during Wiscon.  We even got Inda from Black Girl Squee podcast to join in the fun.


NNN Episode 237 - #TeamBlackPanther

[Download MP3]

Topics: The ladies discuss Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.  If you couldn't tell by the show title, you know what team we're on in this conflict.


NNN Episode 236 - Lemonade Slay

[Download MP3]

Topics: The ladies discuss Prince, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who's new companion and Beyonce's Lemonade.


NNN Episode 235 - Daredevil

[Download MP3]

Topics: This week is all about Daredevil. We invited Arturo (@aboynamedart) who written articles for RawStory, Racialicious and numerous other publications to come talk to us about Daredevil Season 2. YES THERE WILL BE SPOLIERS!


NNN Episode 234 - Nerdgasm Plays Underworld

[Download MP3]

Topics: This week we play the tabletop game, Underworld: The Exile's Descent, created by Quinn Murphy (@qh_murphy).  We explore this highly colloaborative and compelling RPG controlling The Exile's path.  You can support Quinn Murphy's work on Patreon.


NNN Episode 233 - Dynamic Duo

[Download MP3]

Topics: It takes two to tango. Maria & I talk about C2E2, great guests coming to DragonCon, #BlackPodcastWeek, the return of Steven Universe this summer, Toonami showing another season of Fooly Cooly, and how we are tired of the back-to-back reboots of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman movies.