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NNN Episode 205 - Panther In the Hive Review

[Download MP3]

Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, we discussed the Claudia Rankine's fifth book, Citizen, which calls up the reality of everyday racism through prose. The Black Owned Business of the Week is Ini Vibez.  This Esty shop specializes in accessories such as earrings, bangles, and rings.  Our main topic this week is review of the book Panther In the Hive by Olivia A. Cole.


Bitch Better Have My Intersectional Feminism or STFU About My Video

The concern troll posts were already up on yesterday morning. Somehow, after the video’s debut last night, pumpkin spice lattes were found in early July and the lobby of a Starbucks was open just late enough for White FeministsTM to type away about how unfeminist Rihanna is without taking in one important fact: not everything is for or about them.

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Magic Mike XXL Review

Having only seen about half of the previous Magic Mike while in a drowsy haze (and being told it wasn’t very good), I didn’t expect the sequel to be much different. I thought perhaps it would hit that elusive “so bad, it’s good” mark and be great to torture friends with, much like how we turned Fifty Shades of Grey into Fifty Shades of Grey Goose. However, If not that, at least seeing these incredibly attractive guys do incredible things with their incredible bodies would be stimulating at the very least.

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NNN Episode 204 - Periods & Dudes

[Download MP3]

Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, the CW is developing a new Hawkgirl solo seriesVin Diesel is going to play 'Kojak' in the movie reinvention of the classic tv series, Black women science fiction writers we all should know, Miles Morales is offically the new Spider-Man and the tv show, Hannibal, has been cancelled. The Black Owned Business of the Week is Lady Fay Hair who offers afforable hair extensions that aloow women to protect their natural hair while expressing their personal style. 

Our main topic this week is discussing well written female characters.  Our guests, Chris & Na'amen, from The Adventures of Yellow Peril and The Magical Negro podcast come on the show to help us out! What makes a well written female character? Let's think beyond just physical strength and the Bechdel Test.  What female characters came this close to being well written but fall short?


NNN Episode 203 - Old Vs New Cartoon Network

[Download MP3]

Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, we discussed Anne Petry who is the first Black woman to sell over a million books with her 1946 novel called "The Street". The Black Owned Business of the Week is Firebrand Candles based in Detroit, MA specializing in scented candles.  Our main topic this week is show down between older Cartoon Network versus current Cartoon Network animated shows. 

Old Vs. New Cartoon Network

  • Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends  vs Adventure Time
  • Powerpuff Girls vs  Steven Universe
  • Dexter's Laboratory Vs Chowder
  • CodeName Kids Next Door Vs Regular Show
  • Cow and Chicken Vs  The Amazing world of gumball
  • Time Squad vs Uncle Grandpa
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy vs Clarence
  • Teen Titans vs Young Justice
  • Johnny Bravo vs Johnny Test



NNN Episode 202 - Dick Wolfing It


Podcasts for Beginners #WC39

[Download MP3]

Check out the Podcasts for Beginners panel held at Wiscon 39 this year.

So you want to start a podcast. You have a computer, a mic, and Skype. What else do you need? What does good editing software cost? Where’s the best place to host? How do you get your podcast listed in all the right places? A panel of seasoned podcasters is ready to answer your questions, give great advice, and probably pop their Ps.

Panelists: Shareef Jackson, Apple Cider, De Ana, Jamie Nesbitt Golden, JP Fairfield

For more information on Wiscon, go to


NNN Episode 201 - Senior Citizenly

[Download MP3]

Topics:  The Black Owned Business of the Week is Indigofera, specializing in bath, body and hair products. All the smell goods!

Our main topic this week is our experience at Wiscon.  We discussed the panels we were on, panels we liked, and panels we kinda side-eyed.


NNN Episode 200 - Live at #Wiscon39

[Download MP3]

Topics: Nerdgasm Noire live at Wiscon 39!  We had drunk nerd debates & gave out prizes!


M.F.K (Non Spoiler) Review

(photo from:

MFK is an adventure webcomic focused on Abbie and her quest to scatter her mother's ashes. The first chapters set up the characters and the town where they help Abbie recuperate. Like most adventures, things get in the way of the quest and great times ensue. She meets Jamie  after suffering a setback in said quest. He along with his aunt, the practical Nifrain and his grandfather, Iman help Abbie get back on track. There are jokes, secrets, sad back stories and feelings of abandonment as well as duty. Yet, MFK is not a heavy read. I believe I read the first chapter in less than a week. At this time, there are three chapters completed and it is rated PG-13.

The author, Nilah Magruder, recently won The Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, which is how I found this webcomic. This is a clear example of why I love the internet. I haven't been this enamored with a webcomic since Bayou by Jeremy Love. MFK is also what got me back into webcomics. It is hard to believe that something so great and creative is free to enjoy. The webcomic can be found on and updates every Monday. The author also has an online store at The first two printed chapters are sold out but she has other artwork and jewelry available for sale.