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NNN Episode 180: Outcasts of Jupiter Review

[Download MP3]

Topics: We read through some twitter feedback about Episode 178: Black Nerd Respectability Politics. Next discuss the FKA Twigs video "Papi Pacify" and how Azealia Banks keeps pulling us in with gems like "Igloo Australia" but lose us with her rant how Bill Cosby is victim of "conspiracy". Lastly, we review the comic book "Outcasts of Jupiter #1".  If you're interested in purchasing a digital pdf, please go to


NNN Episode 179: #DemSlagsBeReadin

[Download MP3]

Topics: Sharon shares the exclusive preview of Storm #6 on our NNN G+ Community page.  JP gives an overview of click-jacking which is an technique that tricks an user into interacting with an attacker's web page.  An user can implement X-Frame Options on their website to combat a portion of User Interface (UI) redress attacks.  Stanford University implements a text messaging program which sends tips to parents on simple & fast ways to engage their kids in reading.  The study found that the program helped boost students' literacy.  Next we discuss Jurassic World & Star Wars: The Force Awkaens movie trailers.    Will Smith gets cast as Deadshot in Suicide Squad movie.  Lastly, we complain about all of the extra hashtags floating around on twitter using AAVE (i.e #dembows).


NNN Episode 178: Black Nerd Respectability Politics

[Download MP3]

Topics: On our NNN G+ Community page,  Sharon from Nerdy Little Secret shared an article about filmmaker Stewart Throndike.  Then, we went into defining what is Black Nerd Respectability and explaining why it's bullcrap.


NNN Episode 177: Happy Birthday Melissa

[Download MP3]

TopicsWe try to celebrate Melissa's birthday but she is turnt up somewhere. Listener asks about Janelle Monae's vision of The Metropolis Suite and 8-Bit Animal tries to make fetch happen with a particular 90s TV show. Discuss being black while nerding problems plus tv shows we are watching and others... we rather just wait to marathon.

Nerdgasm News:


NNN Episode 176: Wii Would Like To Play Xbox One

[Download MP3]

Topics: Discuss Bayonetta on Wii U, TitanFall, and little bit of Destiny 


NNN Episode 175: Best Scary Movies

[Download MP3]

Topics: In honor of Halloween, the ladies sit down to discuss scary movies, books, and monsters.  

  • What is your Guilty pleasure scary movies?
  • What Scary Movie monster would you think can survive against?

Nerdgasm News:


NNN Episode 174: #INeedDiverseGames Interview with @Cypheroftyr

[Download MP3]

Topics: @Cypheroftyr, the Mod of #INeedDiverseGames, stops to discuss the trending twitter hashtag, diversity in gaming, and the future of #INeedDiverseGames

Nerdgasm News:


NNN Episode 173: Mobile Tech

[Download MP3]

Topics: Tech roundup of Blackberry Passport, Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 rumors.   

Nerdgasm News:


NNN Episode 172: 90s TV Showdown

[Download MP3]

Topics: White People are behind Thug Kitchen, DC t-shirts teach sexist message to girls, and 90's TV sitcom Show down.   

Who would you pick?

  • A Different World vs The Cosby Show
  • Fresh Prince vs Boy Meets World
  • In The House vs Hanging with Mr. Cooper vs Steve Harvey Show
  • On Our Own vs Getting By
  • Me and the Boys vs Sinbad Show
  • Mad TV vs In Living Color
  • Amen vs Good News
  • Smart Guy vs Sister, Sister
  • Family Matters vs Parenthood
  • Sparks vs Out All Night vs Thea
  • Here and Now vs Grown Ups vs Between Brothers
  • City Guys vs Hang Time
  • Roc vs Gregory Hines
  • Moesha vs The Parkers
  • Martin vs Jamie Foxx Show
  • Homeboys In Space vs Wayan Brothers
  • Goode Behavior vs The Royal Family

Nerdgasm News:


#GamerGate: Righteous Crusade Or DudeBro Creepiness

I took some time off after a successful Summer Of 8-Bit and return to something called #GamerGate. I was under the impression that the hashtag was created under noble intentions, but later discovered that it was nothing more than a ruse created by 4Chan users, scumbags, and trolls to harass a female game developer.

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