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Nerdgasmnoire 5: Deadly Group Projects

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Halloween Season is over and more fall fun is coming!

On this episode, we talk about how fun (or not fun) it is to give out candy during Halloween, as well as what happens when a bunch of employees leave a job but still want to play Dungeons&Dragons together. JP did a vidcast about labor in the tech industry, and we also talked about what's going to happen when our animal overloards decide to take their planet back. We also talk about being ready to be thoroughly whelmed by the upcoming Loki TV show, and De explains why Escape Rooms are actually the worst.

KT Presents: Tea Time with JP Fairfield

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Intro / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 174: #INeedDiverseGames Interview with @Cypheroftyr

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Topics: @Cypheroftyr, the Mod of #INeedDiverseGames, stops to discuss the trending twitter hashtag, diversity in gaming, and the future of #INeedDiverseGames

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#GamerGate: Righteous Crusade Or DudeBro Creepiness

I took some time off after a successful Summer Of 8-Bit and return to something called #GamerGate. I was under the impression that the hashtag was created under noble intentions, but later discovered that it was nothing more than a ruse created by 4Chan users, scumbags, and trolls to harass a female game developer.

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NNN Episode 171: Gamer Gate

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Topics: Overview of Gamer Gate, our thoughts on this campaign, and what we wish the movement was about.

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NNN Episode 143: Costly Boob Physics

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Topics: Received an adorable voice mail, Black History spotlight on Gabby Douglas, Nerd Culture & Fashion, Hating on couples on Valentine's Day, Video Game Industry Sexism, and latest Video Games releases.

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Need This Princess Game to Happen #31WriteNow

I was watching The Damsel in Distress Part 3 - Tropes vs Women in Video Games by Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency which discusses the "Dude In Distress" role reversal and how some games attempt to subvert the "Damsel in Distress" trope. The problem with some of the attempts is the focus is still on the male main character and still get no clear insight into the damsel's story. She shows a hypothetical game concept called "The Legend of the Last Princess".

This game sounds AWESOME!  I needed this game like yesterday...  It's such a great concept and I hope someone in the gaming industry will work with them on this idea.  HINT GOTDAMN HINT!!!


Don't believe everything you read...

Recently, I was tricked into a fear-causing, rage-inducing argument with a friend about the Xbox 720, the PS4 Orbis and the future of gaming. Let me explain how this happened.

There have been a lot of rumors about the future of gaming as it relates to the new Xbox and PlayStation.  Some say that neither system will be backwards compatible. Others say that both systems will require internet access to play, and won’t allow used games. These rumors had the internets (and me) in an uproar. Since this is what our argument was based on—a rumor.

I was heated … at first. Then, I did some research. As it turns out, one simple search assuaged my fears. But I’m jumping to the end.  Let me tell you how this “discussion” went. I say discussion in quotes, because I’m not sure it can be classified as such. This was more like a rant. A real life rant.

My friend told me about the rumors, but didn’t inform me they were rumors. He presented them to me as fact. Here are his “facts,” followed by my response:

No Backwards Compatibility

How can they make a system that won’t let you play your old games? Not only do I have to buy a new system, I have to keep my old system to play my existing games or rebuy all my old games to play them on my new system. So, after I’ve dropped $400-$500 on the new system I have to pay, at the most, $60 however many games I want to keep playing in the future. Or at the least $20 each game I want to keep. Where is all this extra money supposed to come from? I can’t sell my old system, since I need that to play my old games. I need the new system to play my new games. What happens if someone has the old game on a new system and we want to play online? Will that be possible? Or will I be forced to replace the old game for the new system just to play with my friends?  Am I forever doomed to now play the games offline by myself?

Internet Requirement

I HAVE TO HAVE INTERNET TO PLAY MY GAMES?!?!? WHAT IN THE ENTIRE FUCK?! Wait, you’re kidding right? You’re serious!?! Bullshit. How can they make me have the internet just to play a fucking game? So after I’ve dropped $500 for the new system and come up with the money to replace my favorite old games so I can KEEP PLAYING THEM, I now have to drop another $50-$100 for internet access just to play the damn thing.

So what happens when internet goes out; which happens often due to weather, overcapacity nonsense, or just general garbage/maintenance from your ISP? I can’t even play my brand new system I just spent $3000 on because I don’t have the very thing I need, which is the goddamned internet. That’s just fucking stupid.

Clearly they don’t want me to be a gamer anymore. Is that it? It would be different if it was one system, but both Sony and Microsoft are planning to do this? Naw, fuck that. Do they think people are going to go poor in order to continue being gamers? I. Am. Not. That. Person.

And what about those that are already poor who have managed to scrimp and save for a console? Now, instead of being able to sell their old system and using that money towards their new system, they have to come up with $500 for the new system, but also pay for monthly internet access?  So poor folks have to decide whether to stay with their old system or upgrade to the new one. Well, since the new system isn’t going to be backwards compatible, if they do upgrade, at least they can sell their old system and all the old games and put that towards getting the new system.

No Used Games

Now you’re just saying shit to piss me off.  That doesn’t even make sense. How would they even do that? The game gets coded to my profile!?! Now everyone has to buy a brand new game? Do you know how much waste that is? And what if I buy a game and don’t like or beat it in a few days, I can’t resell it and buy another game? What about GameStop and GameFly and the rest of the resellers? They’re out of business. If the system won’t allow used games—which I’m not even sure how—then these companies are only focusing on new games and systems. How long do you think that model will last? Are Sony and Microsoft  trying close GameStop and its competition? New games don’t come out that often, so how much business could these physical stores actually get if used games are no longer in the picture? So much for a thriving economy. All those jobs will be gone. Perhaps the plan is to eventually have only downloadable games, which would tie-in to the internet access requirement and the phasing out of old games.

All of this sounds pretty ominous, right?

Then I discovered all of this information was from some random site he had read online, and it wasn't even an accredited one. So, I replied:


The link he provided as proof—which I refuse to link here—was just a site spreading the same rumors as every other site. No one had done any actual research. The Internet was getting the rest of the internets all riled up by saying the same thing over and over and passing it off as new information. For every site I found spreading these rumors, I also found a site that negated them. In short: nobody knows anything except those who are keeping their mouths shut—Microsoft and Sony.

So, I think I’ll just wait until each company releases an official statement about the system specs or until the actual systems come out. No sense in getting all ragefied about something that ain’t nothing, yet.

But maaaannnn, let me tell you.

I. Was. Heated.



The Reason Why I'm Not Talking About Sexism in Gaming Industry Anymore

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, there has been an influx of articles about the lack of women in the gaming industry. It started on twitter when Luke Crane, the games project specialist at Kickstarter, asked on twitter: "Why are there so few lady game creators?"

It started a twitter conversation using the hashtag #1reasonwhy where women in the video game industry gave honest and open accounts of the microaggressions and outright sexism they experience in the community. The hashtag #1reasonmentor has spawned from that discussion giving women the opportunity to find mentors in the video game community.

I, for one, am at a crossroads where I'm excited that this conversation but a little dismayed. This topic concerning women and the video game industry has been brought up so many times with the same conclusions. Where is the point that women and allies can stop trying to convince the industry there is a big problem.

I told myself that I wasn't going to talk about this anymore. I told myself that I wouldn't bother trying to convince others how rampant sexism is in the gaming industry.

I told myself I stop being interested in programming only because of disinterest. I told myself that my interest in a career in the gaming industry was a passing fantasy.

I never bother exploring possibility that part of the problem was a lack of a safe, open, and engaging community outside of my personal friends. I didn't want to admit to myself that my need for safety determined my career. I didn't want to think about my need to avoid all of the issues the #1reasonwhy hashtag laid out. I may not have been fully aware of what define sexism and misogyny at that time but damn I didn't feel it.

I wonder would I still feel the same way if I stuck to being a programmer. I wonder why if it's the reason why I'm so slow to start gaming again. I say "wonder" cause even now a part of me don't want to fully admit it.

I convinced myself that I suck at programming, that I hate it, & I'm more suited to other things. The fact that despite having look at piece of code in the last 10 years and having ability to interpret it easily I still feel inadequate.

It's not easy being a woman in a tech industry especially in any area that has been "known" as male dominated. You are relegated as a "niche", "a novelty" or "something pretty to look at". It's never about what you can do but how you look or how you received your special magic golden ticket to the big boys table.

No matter how strong-will you are having to prove yourself over and over again takes a toll. The mere act of trying to ignore the snide looks when walking into your "Intro to C++" class. The crumbling wall of calm you try to instill in your soul when hearing sexist comments while you're trying to play a MMO.

We keep talking about the symptoms. Women feel the symptoms. We all know there is sexism in gaming industry. I refuse to debate anymore. I refuse to entertain devil's advocates. I refuse to continue proving the symptoms and making the march toward personal remedies.

Cause honestly, I'm tired of talking about it.


NNN Episode 78 - Rob Liefield Vs The World

[NNN] 78- Rob Liefield Vs The World

Topics: Disney Princesses & MMA, Doctor Who Prequel, Ninja Turtle movie, Facebook Android App Sucks, "White Flight" from social media, Naruto & Bleach manga

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Video Games Out Now

  • Madden 13
  • DLC - Mass Effect 3: Leviathan
  • Guild Wars 2
  • LOTR: Riders of Rohan
  • Transformers Fall of Cybertron
  • Ratchet and Clank Collection
  • Infamous Collection
  • God of War Saga
  • DLC - Left for Dead 2
  • Darksiders 2
  • Super mario bros 2
  • Hitman Sniper Challenge


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NNN Episode 75 - Trick I'm A Demon

[NNN] 75- Trick I'm A Demon

Topics: Curiosity Rover on Mars, Black Panther & Storm single again, another Batman reboot?, House of Representatives trying to stop Patent Trolls, Video games coming out in August

Main Topic: Review of Akuma Na Eros manga

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Video Games Coming Out Soon

  • Assassin Creed 3 [10/30/12]
  • Total Recall (iOS/Android/MMO)  [8/3/12]
  • The Walking Dead: The Game -- Episode 3: Long Road Ahead [8/12/12]
  • Darksiders II [8/14/12]
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS  [8/19/12]
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  [8/21/12]
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron  [8/21/12]
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD  [8/22/12]
  • Madden NFL 13  [8/28/12]
  • Myst 3DS
  • Borderland 2  [9/18/12]


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