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NNN Episode 241 - Game of Thrones Finale

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Topics: We discuss the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 228 - Hot Sauce In My Bag

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Topics: "The Good Wife" will end its next season, 185 Black Women of Tech to follow on twitter, and Hannibal's Bryan Fuller is producing a new Star Trek tv show.

This week we discuss the Super Bowl 50 Half-Time show, Beyonce's Formation video and what tv shows are coming back from midseason breaks. 


NNN Episode 204 - Periods & Dudes

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Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, the CW is developing a new Hawkgirl solo seriesVin Diesel is going to play 'Kojak' in the movie reinvention of the classic tv series, Black women science fiction writers we all should know, Miles Morales is offically the new Spider-Man and the tv show, Hannibal, has been cancelled. The Black Owned Business of the Week is Lady Fay Hair who offers afforable hair extensions that aloow women to protect their natural hair while expressing their personal style. 

Our main topic this week is discussing well written female characters.  Our guests, Chris & Na'amen, from The Adventures of Yellow Peril and The Magical Negro podcast come on the show to help us out! What makes a well written female character? Let's think beyond just physical strength and the Bechdel Test.  What female characters came this close to being well written but fall short?


NNN Episode 199 - #SuperWhite90sShow

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Topics: On Nerdtastic News, #DiversifyAgentCarter Reminds Us That “Because History” Isn’t a Reason to Whitewash a Show.  The Black Owned Business of the Week is Luxe Oil, specializing in all sorts of things to moisturize your skin and scalp!   

Our main topic this week is a showdown between 90s shows that were super white.

Our Match-ups

  • Boy Meets World vs Clarissa Explains it All
  • Sabrina, The Teenage Witch vs The Secret World of Alex Mack 
  • Saved By the Bell vs That 70’s Show
  • Friends vs Seinfeld 
  • Full House vs Step by Step 
  • Frasier vs Mad About You 
  • Suddenly Susan vs Veronica’s Closet 
  • Dawson’s Creek vs 90210 vs Melrose Place vs Felicity 
  • Blossom vs Boy Meets World 
  • Charles in Charge vs Mr. Belvedere 
  • Home Improvement vs The Nanny 
  • Highlander vs Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 
  • Hercules vs Xena 
  • Sweet Valley High Vs Clueless 
  • ER vs Law & Order 
  • Homicide Life On the Streets vs The Wire 
  • Charmed vs Buffy 
  • Roswell vs Dark Angel



NNN Episode 172: 90s TV Showdown

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Topics: White People are behind Thug Kitchen, DC t-shirts teach sexist message to girls, and 90's TV sitcom Show down.   

Who would you pick?

  • A Different World vs The Cosby Show
  • Fresh Prince vs Boy Meets World
  • In The House vs Hanging with Mr. Cooper vs Steve Harvey Show
  • On Our Own vs Getting By
  • Me and the Boys vs Sinbad Show
  • Mad TV vs In Living Color
  • Amen vs Good News
  • Smart Guy vs Sister, Sister
  • Family Matters vs Parenthood
  • Sparks vs Out All Night vs Thea
  • Here and Now vs Grown Ups vs Between Brothers
  • City Guys vs Hang Time
  • Roc vs Gregory Hines
  • Moesha vs The Parkers
  • Martin vs Jamie Foxx Show
  • Homeboys In Space vs Wayan Brothers
  • Goode Behavior vs The Royal Family

Nerdgasm News:


Where's Donald's Sister?

Did you even know that Donald Duck has a sister?

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What happened at Pixie Hollow?

I am a disney fan. Not the man, but the movies. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I paricularly love what they're doing with the disney fairies series/movies. I've always been a fan of Tinkerbell and I like the glimpse into Pixie Hollow.

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Post Noire #7: TV Squees

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YAY! It's been awhile, but sometime last month we had special guest Quinn Murphy (@qh_murphy) on our show to talk about gaming and also squee with us about television for a little bit.


Post Noire #5: The Pauses Have A Purpose

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Sometimes (well most of the time) us ladies go on and on about TV shows. Especially Scandal. Also we tend to give one another a hard time. If you liked this make sure you check out the podcast here (http://feeds.feedburner.com/NerdgasmNoireNetwork) which updates every Friday and the live show here (www.nerdgasmnoire.net/live/) which broadcast live at 9:45 EST, 8:45 CST and 6:45 PST.


NNN Episode 65 - Privilege FanBoy Snark