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Nerdgasmnoire 5: Deadly Group Projects

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Halloween Season is over and more fall fun is coming!

On this episode, we talk about how fun (or not fun) it is to give out candy during Halloween, as well as what happens when a bunch of employees leave a job but still want to play Dungeons&Dragons together. JP did a vidcast about labor in the tech industry, and we also talked about what's going to happen when our animal overloards decide to take their planet back. We also talk about being ready to be thoroughly whelmed by the upcoming Loki TV show, and De explains why Escape Rooms are actually the worst.

KT Presents: Tea Time with JP Fairfield

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Intro / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


Nerdgasm News #17


Nerdgasm News #12

A lot of new things have been going on here at the Nerdgasm Blog. We have a few new podcasts being added to the podcast lineup, as well as some new writer. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on the new things coming out as they go along, but right now we’re going to get into the weekly summery of Nerdgasm events, Nerdgasm News.

Top 5 Posts  2/22/12 - 2/28/12
Yes, There Are Black People in Your “Hunger Games”: The Strange Case of Rue & Cinna written by Roxie Moxie
Little Known Fact: The Twilight Saga Soundtracks Are EXCELLENT! written by Roxie Moxie
First Look: Hunger Games Character Posters written by Roxie Moxie
Theatergasm: The Fabian in Paterson, NJ written by Shareef
Paranormal Activity 3: A review written by thewayoftheid

New Posts 2/22/12 - 2/28/12
First Adopter No Longer written by Kahlief Adams
Hitman: Absolution = WOW written by Kahlief Adams
You Asked About My Hate of Cable Companies... written by thelaststorm
Theatergasm: The Fabian in Paterson, NJ written by Shareef

New Episodes
Nerdgasm Noire Network: Hot Moist Biscuits
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The ArmbarCast Episode 3
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Character Select: Destroying SSX Scores
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2011 was a awesome year, we started our site and gained some pretty awesome fans and followers in a very short amount of time. We wanted to thank all of you all for supporting us, commenting and providing such important feedback to our community. We want to do nothing but add great content to the site for you guys to enjoy and make 2012 just as great.

Look forward in the upcoming days and weeks for more articles to hit the site and a steadier flow of stories.

Again from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for everything.

We wanted to thank some people specifically for their invaluable help, positive energy and guidance:

The girls over at NerdgasmNoireNetwork. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your amazing site.

Lorraine over at FeminineSmark. Thank you for being so positive and keeping all of us on our game.

Shawn Hill for being a great at what he does and providing a place and platform for us all to get our feet wet in the world of gaming journalism and starting Character Select. It's been something that has helped me in so many ways, much respect sir.

The CS and BSG crew for always having something great to discuss and making gaming fun again.

N4G for providing a great place for people to get together and enjoy gaming and gaming stories.

Lastly not least all of our readers for being so awesome and keeping fires under our feet.

Much love and respect,

Kahlief and the SpawnPointBlog Crew

Nerdgasm News #11

Top Posts 12/7 - 12/13
Of course Roxie Moxie’s posts about the Hunger Games, Hunger Games Character Posters and the Twilight Saga soundtrack as still reigning champions of posts here at Nerdgasm Noire (and possibly the entire internet), so we definitely encourage you to check them out and join the conversation. We also want you to check out that posts below, which are the top posts (that aren’t by Roxie Moxie) that you guys looked at this past week.


1. Respecting People’s Feelings - Thewayoftheid talks about the drama behind the latest episode of Awkward Black Girl.
2. The Little Rooster - Vulgarwoman gives us Geek and Nerd girls a tip on a fabulous and fun way to wake up in the morning, with this interesting take on an alarm clock.
3. Technology VS Music - Shareef Jackson talks about The Roots new album Undun, and compares the way we listen to music now to the way we used to back in the day.
4. Nintendo 3DS Custom Case - Shareef Jackson made a case for his 3DS, here’s hoping he doesn’t accidentally try and recycle it.
5. "Blessed be the geek, for they shall inherit the earth" - Someonenamedashleetalks about a book that talks about geeks.


Along with the posts we have going up here on Nerdgasm Noire Network, we also have our growing number of shows, which have all dropped new episodes this week.

New Episodes
Nerdgasm Noire Network Episode 43 - Operation Nerd
Shareef Jackson stops by to talk to us about his new show, and what inspired him to start it.
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Operation Cubicle Episode 4 - Meetings
Meetings are a bore, however the hosts of Operation Cubicle want to teach you how to get through them.
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Character Select - Revengance
A couple of the ladies of Nerdgasm Noire team up with the Character Select boys to take on their toughest challenger yet.... the boring VGAs.
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And don’t forget to check out the 2nd half of Sketchy Dezzy’s review of Astroboy, so that way you don’t have to bother watching the movie.

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Sincerely, we want to say thank you for all of the support (these past few weeks especially), you don’t understand how glad we are to know that there are so many other black geeks and nerds there are out there, as well as other geeks and nerds of color. It’s been a year since MissionMelissa contacted the rest of us girls about doing a show where we could spaz out about books, that would eventually grow into the show that we do now and we’re so glad we get to do it every week. If you like us, please share us with those you love so that way they can enjoy too!