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NNN Episode 252 - Echoes Are The Iron Fist of Podcasts (They Ruin Everything)

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Topics: Marvel's Iron Fist, Naruto, Emerald City, and Deidra & Laney Rob a Train

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 128: Heard U Got Emancipated GURL


TopicsBlack Weblog Awards, Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks Thirst, Sleepy Hollow, Jamie's poor phone, Dancing With The Stars, Naruto and Bleach mangas. 
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Manga Mambo #31WriteNow

I love manga.  I enjoy reading manga a LOT MORE than reading comics. 

I try to be an avid comic book reader but it just never hooked me for long.   I know there are great story arcs and series for comics but it's the same character forever plus the wait for the trade book kills it for me.   I hate getting a tiny taste of a story.

It feels different with manga.  I can straight away pick up a trade book and jump into the story.   I feel more investment with the characters and story due to the longer arcs.  It becomes this amazing adventure that I must cherished cause I never know if the journey is long or short.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

1.  Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) - Story about the romance of "perfect" student Yukino Miyazawa and her academic rival Soichiro Arima plus relationships of several of their friends.

2. Bastard‼: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy - Just imagine Dungeons & Dragons + Heavy Metal Music.  It's tongue in cheek with awesome magical fight scenes.

3. YuYu Hakusho (Poltergeist Report) - Yusuke Urameshi, teenage delinquent, dies while saving a child from getting hit by a car.  Due to his sacrifice to save a child, he is given tests by Koenma (son of the ruler of the Underworld) to earn the title of Underworld Detective in order to investigate cases where demons and ghosts appear in the human world causing trouble.

4. Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki gains the power of a Soul Reaper.  He's now force to take on the duties of a Soul Reaper by defending the human world from evil spirits plus guilding lost souls to the afterlife.

5. Chi's Sweet Home - Story about an adorable gray and white kitten who gets separated from her mother and siblings but finds a new home with a young boy, Youhei, and his parents.

I know yall wondering where's Naruto?  Well, I'm still upset at the continued death count of my favorite characters.. so I'm gonna be in my feelings for awhile. 


NNN Episode 78 - Rob Liefield Vs The World

[NNN] 78- Rob Liefield Vs The World

Topics: Disney Princesses & MMA, Doctor Who Prequel, Ninja Turtle movie, Facebook Android App Sucks, "White Flight" from social media, Naruto & Bleach manga

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