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NNN Episode 243 - Pokemans'nem: Finna Catch All'um

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Topics: In this episode, Melissa, JP and Maria talk about the joys of being the very best like no one ever was. Well some people are.... ok a LOT of people are.... when they're lucky enough to get on the Pokemon Go servers. Melissa also shares her initial thoughts about the Ghostbusters movie.

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 195 - Pants of the Patriarchy

Art by KivaBay

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Topics: On Nerdtastic News, Wonder Woman movie loses director, Michelle MacLaren and this doesn't bode well for the project.  We have two Black Owned Businesses of the Week. The first is an Indiegogo campaign for Paralysis movie; a horror film with a Black Woman protagonist who's experiencing very weird possibly supernatual events. The other is Kickstarter campaign for De La Soul's new album.   

This week we welcome guests, Tanya D. (@cypheroftyr) and Bianca Anderson(@biancajand).  They talk about their experience in the [A]List Daily interview. Bianca told a great story on how interview series came to be.   We discuss gender and racial identity in video games and gaming community, shirtless guys in comic books tv shows and decided a game about stealing the pants of patriarchy is greatly needed. 

Other topics include a Black Steampunk Sherlock Holmes, 12 year old girl researching why mobile app games don't have characters that look like her, and Tanya D.'s article on historical accuracy in fantasy worlds.


Wizorb Makes Old School Cool Again 

Retro games seem to be making quite the comeback these days; whether it be mechanically or graphically, the trend to go old school is everywhere. The lovely folks at Tribute Games not only went retro, they went retro mash-up.

Wizorb is an awesome mix of both RPG elements and a brick-breaker game. I know at first that might sound awkward but Tribute pulls it off without a hitch.

The game takes place in the magical land of Gorudo, where an unknown evil presence has invaded and demolished the village. You step in as the character Cyrus, a wizard who can control light, dark, and the mysterious magic called "Wizorb".


The brick-breaker elements are pretty straightforward with a couple of subtle twists. The circle button will increase your side-to-side speed, helping you bounce back those obtuse angled returns while the square (light magic) and "x" button (dark magic) use your powers.


You will use them both a great deal, depending on how much magic you have left and what the situation is at the time. The way the developers integrated the use also added an awesome twist to the mechanics. If you time your button press when the orb hits your paddle you will get different results. For instance, if you hit the light magic button at the right time, the ball becomes a fireball that will demolish a bunch of blocks at once. With the X button the ball will stop in mid-flight and will be controllable with the D-Pad. This helps with trying to hit those hard to reach and out of the way blocks.

Check out this video for a better look:

Coupled with RPG elements like collecting power-ups, enemies, and boss battles, this game brings something new to both genres and makes it a total breath of fresh air to the mobile gaming space.

Here is an example of one of the earlier boss battles:

All this coupled with a lush and beautiful 8-bit graphical style and soundtrack makes this one of my favorite games of the year. There is enough of a challenge through the 5 areas to keep people busy while also not frustrating the player. I appreciate that especially because I play the game during my 20 minute commute. It seems like just enough time to get through a couple of stages and save my game.


Wizorb has cemented my want to see anything and everything that Tribute Games will do in the future. Thank you for making old school cool again.