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Young, Gifted And Spiderman

    At this point, New Ultimate Spiderman’s race is no longer news. I think even the trolls have gone to bed on it. I admit that making Spiderman a POC was the only way to get me into anything Spiderman related after seeing Spiderman 3. I prepped myself by reading Peter Parker’s death arc and I was pleasantly surprised. There was humor, grief and a crying Fury.   I believe the funeral and the aftermath of his death were handled well and I anticipated starting the new series. I am now on issue three of the series and I can honestly say it’s interesting and solid. I haven’t been this interested in a series about teens since Runaways.

          There are so many things to like about this comic. The story begins before Peter Parker’s death. In the introduction to new Ultimate Spiderman, we see that Miles does eventually take on the role but it’s good to see how that happens. We get to see Miles the kid and his family first before Miles new Spiderman. The comic gives a little mystery to his family background during a conversation between Miles and his father about his uncle. Miles is essentially a good kid in a difficult situation. He is not only leaving home for a chance at furthering his educational experience but he also has to deal with mutant like powers in anti-mutant world. Luckily, Miles has a geek for a best friend. This is good for at least 2 reasons: 1. He provides comic relief when Miles gets moody. 2. Ganke is equipped to be Miles’ fanboy guide into the superhero world.

          Perhaps, the best part for me is his reluctance to be Spiderman. There is no training montage (yet) and he isn’t cocky. I have a hard time believing he’ll be an annoying hotshot kid who has to learn fear and the need for safety the hard way. Miles is sincerely likable and appears to have a grasp on the consequences of even appearing meta human. I really hope I don’t eat those words later. Three issues in and this Marvel comic has earned a solid place on my pull list despite the 3.99.




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