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Firestorm: A Microcosm of Oppression in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow"

I began watching DCs Legends of Tomorrow over the weekend. I was a little behind so I marathoned the first four episodes and in general I enjoyed it. However, the relationship dynamics between Jefferson Jackson (So, you decided to name your only black character after two American presidents. Did they have to be slave owning presidents? What’re you trying to say, DC?) and Dr. Stein; the two halves of Firestorm have left my panties bunched.

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NNN Episode 230 - Fuk'd Up Da Feedback

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Topics: Netflix creating a live-action "Legend of Zelda" show, Joseph David-Jones casted as Connor Hawke in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and 'Pacific Rim 2' is back on with 'Daredevil's Steven S. DeKnight directing.  Check out our Black Owned Business of the Week, Lippies By Shana. This week we discussed the dynamic of Firestorm's relationship between Jefferson and Dr. Stein and Lucifer tv show.