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NNN Episode 242 - #AllSpidermansMatter

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Topics: We discuss the new Ironman (aka Riri Williams) in the comics and our conflicting emotions surrounding Brian Michael Bendis writing another minority character.  There is a great commentary on The Blerd Gurl about Marvel and diversity in comics.  We go into TV Squees about Preacher on AMC.

Intro - Boom Tap / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 132: Powerful Racist Witchcraft

Witches in Sleep Hollow Convene to Perfect Their Press & Curl Spell

Topics: Scientists being called whores, US miltary Iron Man Suits, Kenan Thompson put his foot in his mouth, Marvel SHIELD's next two episodes features Black Women, Walking Dead, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and latest video game news & releases.

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NNN Episode 116: Didn't Watch The Trailers


Topics: Special Guest, eclectik Relaxation, joins to discuss Marvel Agents of Shield, best and worse super hero movies.
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NNN Episode 109 - Moist Chestnut


NNN Episode 59 - Gamer Girl Rollcall

Topics: The Legend of Korra, Iron Man 3, Facebook & Instagram, Fresh Hell web series, The Guild web series, Under-representation in gaming community, Mad Men, The Voice, Game of Thrones.  [Download MP3]

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Mini-Review: Iron Man Anime


Tony Stark is in Japan to join Lab 23 in developing and building a power station that will provide clean energy. He’s ready to announce his retirement as Iron Man and build a mass-produced Iron Man, Dio, to pass on his hero duties. Too bad that the terrorist organization, Zodiac is making this difficult.


What can I said? It’s Iron Man. Tony Stark is still a cocky muthercuffer.. still flirts with any beautiful woman within his radius… still a smart-ass. The drawing style is shiny and pretty with a realistic flare. There is nothing new brought to the table. It’s cliche after cliche. So, if you love Iron Man then you will like this anime. If you wanted to see a different spin on this character, you might wanna look somewhere else.

Rating: Meh. It’s alright.