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NNN Episode 246 - Luke Cage Part 1

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Topics: The day has finally come to review Marvel's Luke Cage, the latest Netflix original series.  Check out Part 1 of our review of Marvel's Luke Cage where we discuss our first impressions, bad hair pieces, Black Women magic, and what we liked overall about the series.

Intro - Boom Tap / Interlude – Dreamy / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


NNN Episode 235 - Daredevil

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Topics: This week is all about Daredevil. We invited Arturo (@aboynamedart) who written articles for RawStory, Racialicious and numerous other publications to come talk to us about Daredevil Season 2. YES THERE WILL BE SPOLIERS!


NNN Episode 197 - Daredevil Lip Service

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Topics: On Nerdtastic News, Black developers speak out on stereotypes in video games.   The Black Owned Business of the Week is Stacy Brown (@slb79), an awesome writer who needs assistance with tuition and travel expenses to the inaugural Thread program at Yale.  

This week is all about Daredevil tv series on Netflix aka #AllDayLongABlindManGotHisFootUpYoAss.  We go over environment, casting, storylines, themes, lips, and stunt double butts.


My Favorite Comicbook Movie Villains 

Let me make this clear, this list is about movie villains based on comic books. Some may share similarities with their comic book counterpart, other may not share anything at all. I like the fact that some of the changes where for the better, even to the point of putting it into comic books themselves. However some of these villains are not even in the comic book at all.

First off, let get this out the way. Heath Ledger's Joker is the BEST comicbook movie villain, he's is the reason I brought the special edition DVD day one. If you disagree, that's your opinion or you're a hater. He is one of my favorites and the reason I'm not adding him to the list is that  he will be number one hands down. Right now, I can write five to ten reasons why he so great but you would miss out on my list. So here is my top five:

Solan/ Morgan Freeman

For those who didn't know, "WANTED" is a comic book where super villains have secretly takeover the world. The only things that the movie and comic book have in common; is that there's a Wesley Gibson, The Fox(Foxx), there is a Fraternity, they are assassins, Wesley is still a pussy in the beginning and trained to follow in his father's foot steps. Solan's character, not even in the comics. For a made-up character(for the movie), he is a great villain. He trains you to be a bad ass. Make you kill people for him without question just for a shot to kill your father's murderer.  Finally, you kill your father 's murderer, only to find out that it's your dad. HE MAKES YOU KILL YOUR DAD. The reason is that you are the only person that had a chance to kill him because your father won't kill you. Bravo, Bra-effing-vo. Now you ask why, why all this work for a guy. Cause he's the best. Plus some silk and thread. Not only that but he doesn't get his hands dirty one bit.  That is evil at it's finest. Also it's portrayed by God. Win. You know shit is bad when you make God curse. "Shoot this Motherf**ker  right here." is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time. It always get a grin.

The Violator/ John Leguizamo

Before the Dark Knight came out, I had him as one of the actors that could play the Clown Prince of Crime. His role as the Violator made him a contender for the role to me. Others would disagree that the Colombian-American actor wouldn't be a good choice. His clown from hell was all Pest(which is a Leguizamo's film) and a splash of Stephen King's It. He made me laugh and snicker while tormenting  Spawn through out the film. Basically, the Jokerish character of the movie. The reason that he is one of my favorite villains is that he plays both sides against each other so well just start the Apocalypse. To manipulate two men into kick starting the end of the world is beautiful. Not a series of events but two people.  Also he doesn't do it for motives of  his own but that he works for the devil. Even in death, he spurts out some funny one liners while trying to lap himself back together.

Bullseye/ Collin Farrell

A man that always hits his mark. How do you piss him off? Cause him to miss. In the comics, he is originally a no hitter baseball pitcher that killed a batter with a blow to the head but has later taken on the role of his movie counterpart. The movie version of Bullseye  is a killer for hire. A show off skilled in prestidigitation (sleight of hand). Every time he that he would hit a target would either point to the bullseye craved in his forehead or say bullseye. How narcissistic is that?  Who wouldn't be if they never missed anything that they are trying to hit. Love the fact that Collin keeps the character based in his Irish roots. I know, he doesn't do anything special as a villain but Collin plays the character well. Plus, to me, he was the only redeemable factor in the Daredevil movie. If seeing your villain on screen makes the movie enjoyable at some parts for me; he deserve to be on this list.

Wait... what I'm I talking about? He does one of the most villainous things to do in a movie. He kills the hero's girlfriend in front of him(but he was blind so he didn't really get to see shit). Not only that, he sets up the hero for killing his girlfriend's dad, thus her vowing to kill the hero's alter ego(WHICH IS HER BOYFRIEND); and all in style. Now I understand why he needed a costume.

William Stryker/ Brain Cox

It's actually Reverend William Stryker in the comics.  The comic book counterpart is an evangelist whose son is born a mutant and sees this as a sign from God to kill all mutants. The movie Stryker is broken man. He lost his entire family. His wife put a hole in her head because their son's abilities to project images/ moments to people minds drove her insane. The son is now a vegetable telepath that is use  as a weapon. His goal for the mutants is not to end their life but to use it to his means. Even if it's again their will. He goes as far as sending a mutant to attack the President of the United States, so that can hunt and capture mutants for his own means. He setups up an ENTIRE race of people because he see them as a threat.(plus their abilities wouldn't hurt to have in a war.) Also being a doesn't hurt being a colonel. With the government on your right and military on left, do you think anything could stop you? HELLS NAH. He is a villain. Point blank and simple. You got to be a bad ass to get the permission to hunt down a group of people from the President. What makes him one of my favorites is his potential. When do he stop chasing the threat and become the threat. He is a colonel, thus he can enforce martial law. He was a part of the original Weapon X project that turn mutants into weapons. In fact, he still runs it.   He got his son to manipulate the most powerful telepath on the planet to find every single mutant. Think about what he can search for when he's bored. With an army of men and mutants, world domination was his future. I don't fear this man because of his passion, I fear him because what he did to his son.  A man like that wouldn't have second thoughts if it were you.

Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt)/ Matthew Goode

" I'm not a comic book villain. Do you seriously think I would explain my master stroke to you if there were even the slightest possibility you could affect the outcome? I triggered it 35 minutes ago." should be a staple in a villain's dialog. He says this all in a costume. To me, the perfect embodiment of a villain. Adrian Veidt. All the characteristic of a good villain. Rich  as Hell. Check. Smart as hell. Check. Master Strategist. Check. Train in Martial Arts. Check. A top-notch athlete. Check. Foreign accent. Check.  Oh yeah, he can also catch bullets from a firing gun. The reason that I saved him for last is that he's the only villain to accomplish his plot. He turns villain for the greater good, people. That's what I'm talking about. A villain that believes that he's right and he is. Not only does his actions causes the death of millions but cause a good guy to become public enemy number one to the entire world. And he uses the hero's own power to do so. Give this man a medal. He does this ONLY because it is the best possible outcome from a horrific catastrophe. Did forget to mention that he does this all under a ploy of a cape crusader? He doesn't get beat up(What I meant is that they could land a punch in hand to hand combat.) and he gets away free. Now that is a villain hand down.

Hope you like my list. If you are wondering why I didn't number them, no special reason. I do know that I like some of these villains more that others. I'll let you figure it out. Now your wondering why I didn't put other villains in. Maybe the actor didn't give the villain justice or the actor did a great job but the villain wasn't anything special. These are the "whys" that they didn't make the list. I know. I know. You could make a better list but these are the guys I chose. Live with it.