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NerdgasmNoire 4: Here's Ya Boi!!! (ft Inda Lauryn)

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Sorry for the late episode, everything has been pretty busy here in Nerdgasmlandia, but we're back on track with another episode this week!

In this episode, Maria and De talk with guest Inda Lauryn about Marvel's Firing Practices, First Man, The Hate You Give the movie and Cult Leader Chris Hemsworth. They also talk about the importance of spending quality time doing goofy shit with your friends.

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Intro / Outro - Feelin Good provided by Mike (Pound 4 Pound Podcast) & Marion Moore from ALBM Production


"Cabin In The Woods": You think you know the story? Guess again!

Cabin In The Woods

I have been waiting for this movie.

Cabin In The Woods finished production and filming back in 2009. Co-written and produced by Joss Whedon and I, being a huge Whedon fan (I own the Buffy series, the Angel series, I go to the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along at Dragon*Con) couldn't wait to see it! But then two years came and went without hearing a peep about the film. No release date, no festival viewings, nothing. Deflated by the cancellation of Dollhouse, I feared CitW might go straight to DVD. The potential fate was actually worse, it was planned to go 3D. Narrowly escaping that trick and leaping over a pushback that was to be indefinite, you could say CitW is not a typical horror film.

Described as a "loving hate later" to the torture porn that the horror genre had become, CitW toys with the usual horror movie conventions. A final meeting & warning from an overly religious southern hick before the characters head to the cabin. The title itself is the ominous setting and the characters are archetypes: jock, dumb sexual blond, pot head, sensitive & thoughtful guy, and of course, the virgin. CitW takes these archetypes, settings, and usual lessons esspoused by horror films and turn them on their head. The settings and archetypes are just the tip of the iceberg literally.

Below the cabin hides a facility. A scientific lair with specialists that have been tracking the main characters for months. One of several across the world, they are the ones who create all the nightmares you've ever heard. They prime and drug their victims with gas to promote the incredibly dumb behaviors we're used to seeing in horror genre victims. They present them with "choices" and gleefully bid on the outcomes.
It all starts to unravel when they realize the drugged pot they supplied to one of the characters actually made him resistant to their various gasses. Then the true horror is unleashed.

Fellow Whedonites will recognize Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse alum; along with story devices from each (The Initiative, Hellmouth, brain washing). However, they're used in different ways which are still very enjoyable.

CitW is a hilarious ride with genuine scares with dedicated actors. If you're a horror fan, a Whedonite, or just like a good time, go see this movie. I saw this for free, but would gladly pay to see it again.