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NNN Episode 183: Mid-Season Premieres!

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Topics: Viola Davis in talks to play Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad movie and next fall DC Comic character, Vixen, will star in CW Animated series.  SpawnPointBlog holding a #BlackLivesMatter Gaming Against Police Brutality event on January 17-18. All donations will go to Eric Garner fund and The New York Lawyers Guild.  We checked out the latest trailers for Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron.  We discussed the mid-season premieres of Sleepy Hollow, Archer, Galavant, Marvel's Agent Carter, Empire, and Jane the Virgin.


NNN Episode 97 - Catfishing Arisia

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Topics: First black PhD woman in Computer Science, Apple failing, cool tablets and phones from CES, Arisia Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, Scandal, Catfish, and Archer . 

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Archer: The Heart of Archness

Tonight I feel an anxiety I'd hoped never to feel....

Okay I may be being slightly dramatic here, but I am definitely feeling discontented with the fact that tonight I won't be watching Archer.

This lack of Archer isn't purposeful, you see for the past 3 weeks I've been ever faithful to this animated, grown-up comedy. Every Thursday night without fail I would come home and turn on my television with the sole intention of watching Archer before I went to bed. Nothing else was as important to me than the start of this new season, except this wasn't a new season.

Archer: The Heart of Archness was the 3-part Archer special that was aired as a teaser. Although the actual new season doesn't start until 2012, this mini series still holds a lot of very important and very hilarious plot information. Archer, after the death of his busty, Russian fiancee, goes M.I.A. and Mrs. Archer tasks another spy, Rip Riley (whom she may or may not have slept with... in the past.... at some point.... possibly), to find him. This new spy (voiced by Patrick Warburton) goes out to find Archer, and of course hilarity and mayhem ensue.

For fear of spoiling the series too much, I don't want to get into more detail about the plot, however these episodes are classic Archer episode. Tom Warburton and H. Jon Benjamin have very distinct voices, and the idea of Archer vs Brock Sampson made me laugh uncontrollably even at times when they weren't really trying to make a joke. I hope that next season Tom Warburton comes back as a recurring character on the show. I cannot wait until 2012.

Until then I guess I'll have to be contented with the previous seasons, which is fine. Archer is definitely one of those shows that is still funny, even when you watch it over and over again.