NNN Episode 213 - Being A Nerdy Black Woman

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Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, Nathan Fillion wants to play Booster Gold, Alfre Woodard cast in Luke Cage tv series, 'AfroAnime' series looks to tap into emerging market of "African Magical Futurism", and police feared mass shooting in alleged Pokémon plot.  

For Black Owned Business of the Week, we talked about Keturah Arial who is a designer, painter, and illustrator.  You can find her shop at http://www.arielbrands.com/products.  Check out her website and twitter (@keturahariel).  

Our main topic this week: Discuss our experiences as a Black Woman in different community spaces.  What does being a Black Woman mean to us?  How does being a nerd/geek help us better relate to to other Black Women who don't share our interests/experiences?


NNN Episode 212 - U Don't Know Who


NNN Episode 211 - Steven Universe


NNN Episode 210 - Canada Will Have Yo Back

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Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, Queen Latifah and Mary J Blige will star in The Wiz, Channing Tatum is back as Gambit, and Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead wrote a play that’s Off Broadway and Lupita Nyong'o is starring in it.  Sad news in the Black Owned Business of the Week.  Jewerly Designer, Rachel Stewart, is closing her business due to rampant stealing of her designs.  Please support black-owned business and make sure the e-commerce site you're buying products from are not stealing from small black business owners.  Our main topics are Lenny Kravitz showing something extra at his concert, Meek Mill vs Drake rap beef, the "real" Cookie is suing for Empire using her life story, and celebrity relationships.


Paying It Forward: Podcasts I Love part 3

For my contribution to Paying it Forward, which was motivated by @IndasCorner’s xojane article These 5 Podcasts Led by Black Women Keep Me Company... And Give Me Life, I have picked two podcasts that have brighten my commute. I am grateful to share these recommendations and show some of the love she showed us to these podcast I feel are worth more attention.

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NNN Episode 209 - Debbie Did That

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Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, we bemoaned the last season of Key and Peele and discussed the casting call for the Gambit live action movie.  The Black Owned Business of the Week is Black Up Cosmetics offering beautiful makeup made for Black women of all skintones.  Our main topic this week is The Guardian article written by Naomi Wolf titled "Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice" which describes two destructive speech patterns that women tend to use.   Plus, we bring up the response to the Wolf's article written by Debbie Cameron.


Wayward Pines Review


On May 14, 2015, FOX gave us the television series Wayward Pines based on the book series by the same name written by Blake Crouch. The series starts with a brooding FBI agent Ethan Burke, sent on mission to find two missing agents. While en route, he and his partner are involved in a car crash. Ethan survives and awakens in the weird but seemingly idyllic town of Wayward Pines. The town even has it’s own motto: “Work Hard. Be happy. Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines.”

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NNN Episode 208 - Save The T-Shirts, Save The World

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Topics:  In Nerdtastic News, Idris Elba lands a role in the new Star Trek movie, 'Breaking' features Ariell Johnson who is building a comic shop and coffehouse, and 'Tut' series brings back our favorite couple (Dacey forever!).  The Black Owned Business of the Week is 2 Chic Designs selling your handbag & accessory needs.  Our main topics this week is ALL ABOUT DA REBOOTS BABY!!!   Breaking down our thoughts on reboots of Xena: Warrior Princess, Jem: The Movie, Heroes (Heroes Reborn), and Reboot.  

What shows/movies do we NOT want a reboot for?
What shows/movies do we WANT a reboot for?


Sleepy Hollow's Casting Announcement Shows Its Priorities... and Its Failures

(Inda Lauryn has been published in Blackberry, A Magazine, Interfictions, The Toast, XOJane, and Callaloo as well as had her work featured on blogs such as Black Girl Nerds, Bitch Flicks, and AfroPunk. She is currently working on a novel and a sci-fi web series, occasionally blogs at Corner Store Press and hosts a radio show at MixCloud.)

Sleepy Hollow was an immediate success when it first premiered in the fall of 2013. Those of us who frequently livetweet had a blast with the first episode and were immediately hooked. By the time we got through the season finale of the 13-episode run, we were elated and thought we finally had the show we've wanted for years.

Then season 2 happened.

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NNN Episode 207 - Black Girl Aggression