NNN Episode 226 - The Fit Trilogy Review

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Topics: This week we review the romance novel series, The Fit Trilogy, by Rebekah Weatherspoon

FIT #1: This story contains light acts of bondage and a feisty submissive who gives her Dominant a run for his money.

TAMED #2: This story contains acts of sadomasochism and a submissive who takes her Dominant on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.

SATED #3: This story contains two massive nerds who can’t keep their hands off each other. And fisting

Find out where to buy this series on Rebekah Weatherspoon's website.


NNN Episode 225 - Feels Were Destroyed

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Topics: Our thoughts on Doctor Who Season 9 and 2015 Christmas Special.   It's an ALL NEW DOCTOR WHO SHOW YALL.  TAKING OVER FOR THE 2, 0, and the 16!

Don't forget to check out the Black-Owned Business of the Week: L’Original Dolls
If you send her a picture, she can create a lovely doll to match. You can find her on Facebook. You can also call at 1-888-850-3655 from 9:30am-8:30pm EST


NNN Episode 224 - Nerdgasm Plays AxonPunk

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Topics: Special episode where the ladies play the tabletop game called AxonPunk: Overdrive with one of the creators.  Colin and his brother wanted to create an improvisational and collaborative science-fiction storytelling experience in the vein of Ghost In the Shell or Blade Runner.    If the audio only version is too much, check out our youtube channel.

Find out more about the game at @AxonPunk twitter account or  


NNN Episode 223 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Review

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Topics: Thanks to our wonderful audience who voted Nerdgasm Noire Network as "Best Podcast" in Black Weblog Awards.  This week we talk about yummy food which is the perfect compliment to our review of the anime, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma.


NNN Episode 222 - High On Racism

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Topics: This week's show is all Nerdtastic News!  World Fantasy award drops HP Lovecraft as prize image and we wonder who will be chosen as the new prize image.  Jeffery Dean Morgan “aka Denny Duqutte aka John Winchester” has been casted as Negan in The Walking Dead TV Show which made DeAna consider watching the show for a hot second.   Sleepy Hollow moves to Fridays and we prepare our goodbyes since Fox can't be bothered to keep supernatural or Sci-fi shows long.  Lastly, we discussed the protests by Black students at University of Missouri campus


NNN Episode 221 - Interview with Tananarive Due

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Topics: In Nerdtastic News, Twitter changing Favs (star) to Likes (heart).  The Black-Owned Business of the Week is Detroit Vegan Soul cooking up delicious vegan soul food

Our topic: We interview Tananarive Due about her novels, screen-writing, short films, and her love of horror movies.   You can find out more about Tananarive Due at her website.  Check out the short film, Danger Word, based on the short story writtern by Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due. Tananarive Due's first collection of short stories, Ghost Summer, is available now for purchase.


Interview with Daniel José Older at Wiscon

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Nerdgasm Noire had the pleasure to interview Daniel José Older during Wiscon 39.   We discussed his latest book, ShadowShaper


NNN Episode 220 - Shadowshaper Review

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Topics: In Nerdtastic News, Podcasts are coming to Google Music based on your mood.

Our topic: We review the latest book from Daniel José Older, ShadowShaper. 

Some questions to think about while reading:

  • Favs: Characters, plot points, lines 
  • Who did you relate to most? 
  • What did you first think of Robbie? 
  • What did you think about the MOC patriarchy Sierra experienced? 
  • What did you think of the theme of community and heritage being magic? 
  • What did you think of the villain and his logic?



NNN Episode 219 - When That Jedi Force Bling

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Topics: In Nerdtastic News, the site, Fusion, lists 7 superheroes of color everyone should know.

For the Black-Owned Business of the Week, check out these awesome IndieGoGo Campaigns.  The first one, Purge: Past Unspoken Issue One, is about a martial arts master struggling to contain the evils within the mechanized city he helped create.  The second one, NASTY GAL The Many Lives of Funk Queen Betty Davis, is a film about the Funk Diva herself, Betty Davis who was trail blazed the way for many artists (especially women) in music. 

Our topics: Valorcon (Chicago's Gamer Convention), Drake “Hotline Bling” video, Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and Fox orders a series order cutback for Minority Report tv show.   


NNN Episode 218 - #AnimeSquees

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Topics: In Nerdtastic News, Quvenzhané Wallis Lands 4-Book Deal With Publishing Giant Simon & Schuster.

For the Black-Owned Business of the Week, check out Camille Rose Naturals Hair and Bath Beauty Products. Camille Rose products can be found in select stores including Target or you can purchase from their website

Our topic is all about ANIME!  Maria provided the ladies with some questions about our anime experience.

  • What was your first anime?
  • Did you live in an an anime desert or an anime oasis?
  • Which anime impacted you most?
  • What is your favorite silly anime?
  • Which anime would you want to live in?
  • Which anime do you think is the most overrated?
  • What one anime do you recommend the other hosts should watch?

Tweet us your answers to the @Nerdgasmnoire twitter account!

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