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Paying It Forward: Podcasts I Love

Last week, best person @IndasCorner featured Nerdgasm Noire on her list of These 5 Podcasts Led by Black Women Keep Me Company... And Give Me Life.  In an effort to pay it forward and inspired by Inda’s generosity, NNN wants to promote and uplift other independent podcasts that deserve more love!


Fat Pink Cast
A feminist fangirl podcast, FPC covers Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, Outlander, A Song of Ice and Fire, and other media. Jonelle, Marissa, and Sade give great, in depth, entertaining, and intelligent insight on every episode. They never shy away from topics that affect women, people of color, and women of color.
Find them on twitter! @FatPinkCast
Episodes to check out:
Women in Westeros
Time Travel Race Rant
Sleepy Hollow: Mama



Negroes With A Podcast features four black men, @fivefifths, @OleNerdyBastard, @Smooth_Orator, @taut_7, discussing pop culture, news events, sports, and other topics. They have great chemistry, very intelligent, fearless conversation with passion and heart. To be honest, I’m usually very wary of podcasts that do not have a WOC co-host. There’s usually a period where I’m totally in love until my heart is broken when the other shoe stomps on it; that shoe being disrespect for the humanity of minorities. However, the hosts on NWAP are very mindful and respectful about people living at intersections.
Find them on twitter!  @NWAPcast
Episodes to check out:
The Tragedy in Charleston
APS Cheating Scandal, Mindy Kaling’s Brother, Final Four and More!
Charlie Hebdo, Phylicia Rashad, George Zimmerman and more!

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