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The Walking Dead Doesn't Quite Do It For Me

Which One Is Better

I told myself that this season I wasn’t going to watch The Walking Dead. Blasphemy I know, but as a huge fan of the comic I found myself displeased with the television show. Yes, it started out strong, but after about two episode the story in the show was barely like the book..... and by barely, I mean nothing.

Now I’m not trying to be one of those nerds who thinks that all adaptations of everything I love must be exactly how I loved them OR ELSE! I understand that not everything in print translates well on-screen, however there is a certain underlying theme to a piece of work that needs to be preserved in order for something to translate well across mediums. Some things accomplish this well while other tend to fall very, very flat.

The Walking Dead television show takes a bad turn with me shortly after the main character, Rick, ends up in Atlanta, GA. This part of the show introduces us to a group of people we’re familiar with in the comic, as well as some potentially interesting new characters. Rick, because of his police background, quickly begins fighting for the alpha dog spot in the group even though he’s fairly new. In the comic, Rick was almost Clark Kent-esque with his desire to keep his family and friends safe, whereas in the television show, Rick comes off like he’s trying too hard. Admittedly this may be either the actor or the writers trying to find the right characterization for Rick in television series, however it ground my nerves when they tried to prove Rick’s altruism by having him explain to Merle Dixon how zombies don’t care about race, only “light meat and dark meat.” *cringe*

Even without my irritation with the main character, the plot of the show move along as if it didn’t really expect to get past the first season. Several of the characters introduced in the television show are either killed off or leave before we can really get to know who they are, let alone care about them. Maybe that was because they hadn’t thought to bother with the characters because they needed filler. What would have been the point?

Still, although I have issue with the way the first season went, I’m going to suck it up and at least try to watch this new season. Who knows, maybe now that they’re sure the show has a following and a full season they’ll be able to tie into more of the comic’s plot and get back what seems to be missing.

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